Staffing Partners

Staffing agencies play an important role in job placement.  If you need to get to work immediately, often times working with a staffing agency is a good choice.  Staffing agencies have multiple job openings, and they can help you to understand which jobs may be a good fit for your skill set and personality. has partnered with two premiere staffing agencies.


Where Talent and Jobs Meet.

Conducting a job search is difficult. Cornerstone can simplify your search for the right job opportunity. Our staffing consultants are passionate — determined to help you identify the environment where you can thrive and achieve your career goals.

Start Your Career Today.

Northern Staffing is a Michigan staffing company where we pride ourselves on being more than a temp agency. Through our application, interview, and placement process, we work with you as an individual to find the right job to fit your specific needs. Then we help you with ongoing support as you continue to grow in your new career.