With Pinnacle Truck Driver Training, you can go from enrollment to your first paycheck in just 6 weeks.



This 4-week, 160-hour course is designed to prepare drivers for the State of Michigan Commercial Driver License test and to become professional truck drivers.  It is intended for those who have little or no experience driving tractor-trailer rigs.  The course includes knowledge of state & federal regulations governing commercial motor vehicles as well as skills in inspecting, maneuvering, and driving tractor-trailer rigs.  We also teach skills that will maximize your employability.

Our approach is similar to the one used by the airlines and the military to train pilots:

  • Teach knowledge and concepts in the classroom
  • Develop skills through practice in the simulator
  • Master skills through range and road driving in a tractor-trailer rig

Classes run 7:30 am-6:00 pm Monday through Thursday for 4 weeks.  The course includes:

  • 80 hours of classroom instruction*
  • 40 hours of driving simulator instruction (20 hours driving; 20 hours observing)*
  • 12 hours of commercial vehicle inspection lab
  • 28 hours of behind-the-wheel (BTW) driving

*Additional inspection lab and BTW driving time may be substituted for some classroom and simulator time.

Free training for eligible veterans

Veterans in Northern Michigan seeking jobs now have another free opportunity to consider.

Job Placement

Pinnacle continues to help students after they have completed training, by connecting you directly with employers.

Student Financing

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