Use your knowledge to assist maintenance mechanic in Hydraulics, Electric motors, Fabrication and Mechanics to maintain sawmill machinery in an orderly, safe and efficient manner while following a preventative maintenance schedule. Fix problems before they occur, make it better than what it was. Always look to improve current manufacturing processes.

Keep the maintenance room and parts rooms clean and orderly.
Conduct preventive maintenance per our PM schedule. (Create PM schedule)
Work with contractors to accomplish tasks that are outsourced.
Communicate with equipment operators to ensure problems both safety and production oriented are resolved.
Work with Vendors to supply the maintenance dept. With tools and supplies needed.
Essential Skills Required:
Knowledge of basic hydraulics and ability to troubleshoot and repair.
Basic wiring skills and ability to troubleshoot and repair.
Ability to fabricate steel with welding and cutting with acetylene torches.
Ability to work with others to accomplish large tasks such as lubrication or preventive maintenance on multiple machines in use.
Use software to organize, schedule and conduct preventive maintenance on multiple machines and conveyors in use.
Use communication skills to order parts needed and keep a supply of maintenance items on hand to use during emergency breakdowns.