Safely and reliably transport passengers to and from chartered destinations.

Meet all general qualifications for employment

Successfully attend and pass Compass Coach Motorcoach driver training program, including:

Classroom instruction

Behind the wheel instruction

Meet state requirements for appropriate licensing – CDL B w/P endorsement(Minimum)-also license must be an ‘enhanced’ at a minimum for passage into/out of Canada, if you have a valid passport you do not need an ‘enhanced license’

Hold a federally endorsed state medical card

Meet state and insurance standards for driving record check

Pass federal drug and alcohol screening



Conduct pre-trip and post trip inspections of your assigned vehicle as required

Be able to read maps to successfully plan routes and stops prior to departing garage

Use safety video to instruct passengers regarding safety on the Motorcoach

Drive defensively under varying traffic conditions and inclement weather.

Drive with safety of passengers as your FIRST priority.

Establish good working relationships with other drivers, maintenance personnel and office staff.

Achieve self improvement by attending drivers meetings, training sessions, annual road test with safety director.



Operate all vehicle types in transporting passengers used by Compass Coach

Be alert and exercise good judgement concerning procedures in keeping with company policies

Keep accurate records and reports as required, submit in legible condition, turn in paperwork in specified time.

Conduct yourself as a professional Compass Coach member at all times.

Operate ADA equipped motorcoaches as prescribed.



Opening/closing hoods(front and rear) to perform pre trip and post trip requirements

Bending, pushing, pulling, to load, unload a wheelchair, with or without a passenger, onto a lift platform, by exerting a maximum of 50lbs of push/pull pressure.

Bending, stretching, pushing, pulling, 50 lbs, to load and unload luggage onto and off from Motorcoach.

Bending, supporting and otherwise physically helping passengers into and out of a Motorcoach.

Bending and stretching to empty trash recepticles, wash windows(on a multi-day trip), general appearance and upkeep on the motorcoach.

Bend, stretch, pull and drag all persons out of emergency exits on demand.



Pressed white shirt

Black slacks

Black shoes

Tie for men

Compass Name Tag



About Compass Coach

Compass Coach is a commercial motorcoach company serving the Mt. Pleasant and Midland Area. With our Cedar Springs Location we are the largest motorcoach in West Michigan. Compass Coach is the primary service company for Central Michigan University and Northwood University.