Job Requirement: Applicant must provide their own functional RV or Travel Trailer in good working order, clean and professional in appearance.

The area we operate on in the Huron-Manistee National Forests are on the western side of Michigan’s lower peninsula. It’s north of Grand Rapids, MI and just south of Manistee, MI and Cadillac, MI.

Anticipated Weekly Hours are: 20-80 hrs./ week (More than 40 hours per campground per week must be split by a couple).

The host site associated with this position is:
Lake Michigan Recreation Area.

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Facilities in this area are in this elevation range: 600’ – 1,300’

• Our hosts are a guest’s first point of contact when they arrive at a facility. They greet the public, assist them with questions, finding a site, or providing guidance about the forest and local area. A Host’s goal is to provide excellent, memorable customer service during a guest’s use of a facility.
• Prior to a guest’s arrival, the Host prepares the facility, sites, and amenities for the clean, operable, and safe use. This entails cleaning, landscaping, inspection, and maintenance of the grounds, sites, restrooms, amenities, and additional facilities. A short list of examples of hosts maintenance and landscaping duties may include painting buildings, repairing picnic tables, walking the entire length of the campgrounds assigned as part of the daily inspection, mowing, trimming, clearing brush and weeding.
• During a guest’s visit, a Host continues cleaning, landscaping, inspection, and maintenance as well as additionally collects fees, fulfills reservations, upholds rules, and sells approved items.
• When a guest leaves, the Host promptly attends to the site and makes it ready for the next guest. Additional duties and projects are assigned by managers as needs arise.
• Cleaning and maintenance duties will account for at least 50%- 75% of a host’s scheduled work hours.


Common tools used to complete a Camp Host’s duties may include

• Cleaning tools: Toilet brush, toilet plunger, scrub brush, paint brush, various cleaning products and chemicals.
• Maintenance tools: Ladders, hammers, screw drivers, levels, various wrenches and rachets, various common powered saws and hand saws. Powered drills and screw drivers are also commonly used.
• Painting and staining tools: paint brushes, paint rollers, staining brushes, masking tape, drop cloths, scrapers, various paints and varnishes, and chemical paint remover.
• Landscaping tools: Various lawn mowers (push mower, rider mower, Zero-turn mower), loppers, shears, powered edger’s, hand saws and chainsaws.
• Personal Protection Equipment will be provided. Depending on the task, these may include, non-latex cleaning gloves, leather gloves, eye and/ or face protection, ear protection, aprons, and chaps.


• Customer Service and Smiling skills
• Leadership and Communication skills to effectively influence and educate guests while treating them with kindness and respect.
• Problem solving and conflict resolution skills.
• Ability to bend over, turn side to side, and kneel to clean toilets, bathrooms, and fire pits.
• Ability to safely climb and work on a ladder.
• Cash-handling and cash reconciliation skills.
• Basic Computer operation skills and experience.
• Email and electronic spreadsheet skills and experience.
• Driving skills
• Time Management skills.


The area we operate on in the Huron-Manistee National Forests are on the western side of Michigan’s lower peninsula. It’s north of Grand Rapids, MI and just south of Manistee, MI and Cadillac, MI. Alternately, this area can be reached within a day’s drive north from Chicago, IL or northwest from Detroit, MI. A diverse area that includes facilities surrounded by the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area, the Ludington Dune Ecosystem, the sand beaches of Lake Michigan, the Loda Lake Wildflower Sanctuary, and the North Country National Scenic Trail.


The employment schedule in this area is stated below. These are approximate seasonal employment dates. Weather, conditions and closures may affect this schedule as well as final job assignments. The manager will contact hosts with updates to the employment schedule.

This is a seasonal employment opportunity. AL&L maintains a bi-weekly payroll. Compensation is based upon hours assigned and worked. Wage rates are based upon the prevailing minimum wage. Hours may fluctuate according to usage and weather.

• Camp Hosts work 1.5 to 8 hours per day, 6 days a week. We assign the hours for each campground based on our knowledge and past experience. Couples can share the hours as you desire, but the hours must reflect the actual hours worked by each couple. We employ single campground managers where the workload warrants only one person.
• Uniforms are required and are provided.
• Employees are given one day off per week. This is usually a Tuesday or Wednesday, but other arrangements can be made if approved by the District Manager.

• Anticipated Dates of Employment are: Approximately May 12th-October 9th