Volunteer Positions Overview

There is a broad variety of volunteer duties for all kinds of volunteers. Experienced or new, in the background or interacting, in the evening, or overnight, or in the morning.

Dinner Leader
4PM – 8PM. Assists the Coordinator in all duties needed to plan and purchase food and recruit, schedule, and coordinate the team of Dinner Volunteers to prepare and serve it.

Dinner Volunteers – A team of at least 5-6 people to procure, prepare, and serve dinner
4PM – 8PM or so. Individual churches may adjust for shifts or end time. (Volunteers needing access to the shelter earlier may contact their church coordinator) Usually conducted by a pre-organized group of people. This shift requires that you purchase and prepare a hot meal for as many as 80 guests. Soups, Stews, and other “buffet” style meals work best. In an effort to not repeat any main dish menu item, your church’s leader will coordinate meals. Your team will serve the meal, wash and put away dishes, clean and sanitize the kitchen and serving area, and take care of any leftover food. Detailed kitchen information will be provided to meal crews.

Evening Leader
5:15PM – 10:15PM This trained, experienced leader assists the Goodwill Staffer and Coordinator in welcoming Evening Volunteers and seeing that they are aware of their duties. Assists as needed to see that evening procedures are followed. Supervises the removal to storage of totes of absent guests at 7:30. GWStaffer will provide the list of absent guests. Monitors smoke breaks if requested by GWStaffer.

Evening Hosts – 4 (5 on Saturdays) people; male and female preferred
5:30PM – 10PM Evening volunteers are the voices, ears and hearts of the shelter. Volunteers assist staff with the operation of the shelter, share dinner with guests, and often enjoy playing cards and games, listening to guests and providing companionship, staffing scheduled chapel quiet time.

Morning Leader (morning team should include both male and female volunteers)
5:45AM – 9:00AM The Morning Leader helps with breakfast and cleaning and helps with tote management and assists the Goodwill Staffer as needed.

Breakfast Hosts – 2 people
6AM – 8:30 AM The breakfast host manages the continental breakfast. Duties include setting up, monitoring, and putting away breakfast foods, washing and putting away dishes, and cleaning up the kitchen and dining tables.