Arauco is a worldwide company that manufactures wood composite panels. Arauco manufactures several different product lines, consisting of particleboard and MDF products. Arauco has locations across the USA, Canada, South America, and Europe. Our products are sold to commercial companies and retailers across the country.

The Arauco Grayling Particleboard Plant is a state-of-the-art manufacturing operation that produces world-class decorative wood panel products used in home interiors and furniture across North America. The plant features the latest technology that meets or exceeds all international, federal and state safety and environmental standards and extends the effective and efficient use of forest resources by utilizing wood by-products, like wood chips, from local manufacturers.

At Arauco, we respect people and we value each and everyone’s contribution. By working as a team, we move forward faster and elevate everyone’s voice and enthusiasm to create a better business. We also recognize our shortcomings and ask for help when we need to.

We live and work by our guiding principles.

  • Safety – We put safety first – always.
  • Commitment – We work with passion.
  • Excellence and Innovation – We want to be better.
  • Teamwork – Together we are more.
  • Focus on the Customer – Our customer’s success ensures our success.

In doing so, we:

  • We hire and retain high quality individuals who embrace our culture.
  • We train, grow, and support our teammates.
  • We empower team members and expect them to run and improve the business.
  • We work together to identify areas of possible improvement.
  • We ask for and embrace help from across the company to solve these problems.
  • We ask for and provide feedback for the purpose of growth and open communication.
  • We share and utilize what we learn with our teammates, partners and other company operations.
  • We give back to the communities in which we live and work.

  • We acknowledge and celebrate when we have success.

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